W.E.S. Business Consulting Services
Organizational Improvements

Manufacturing and Service organizations alike have benefited from the ADVICE, COUNSEL AND SUGGESTIONS of W.E.S. Business Consulting Services. The main areas of proven expertise are in the areas of:

  • Product / Process Optimization
    Every aspect of the Manufacturing / Service process is scrutinized and then analyzed with detailed NON-VALUE ADDED ANALYSIS tools to identify areas for improvement. Little can escape this detailed review and the suggestions formulated and implemented can realize dramatic and sustained organizational and financial improvements for an organization.
  • Business Plan
    Business Planning is critical to the success of any organization and W.E.S. Business Consulting Services draws a distinction between a Strategic Business Plan (SBP) and a Process Improvement Business Plan (PIBP) which is developed and monitored by staff in a simply, easy to follow format which DRIVES PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS. (ref. book - SUCCESS in the WORKPLACE)
  • Employee Output
    Employee Output can be dramatically improved by careful organizational Training Needs Analysis coupled with Employee Skills Attainment. A comprehensive Critical Training Plan is designed to bring all factors of Training into a clearly defined time frame designed to accomplish the organizational mission.
  • Training
    Training can be prepared and delivered by the staff at W.E.S. Consulting Inc. and include, but not limited to:
    • Effective Personnel & Labour Relations management
    • Interpersonal Relations in large organizations
    • Effective Supervision (ref. book SUCCESS in the WORKPLACE)
    • Business Planning (SBP & PIBP ref. book SUCCESS in the WORKPLACE)
    • How to get the most from staff and still be respected
    • Effective Ergonomics in the Workplace

W.E.S. Business Consulting Services has helped numerous management organizations achieve a superior level of performance following the extensive and profound knowledge based training programs designed specifically for the organization. Employee confidence with knowledge can dramatically improve the bottom line of an organization while instilling complete competence and improved morale.