W.E.S. Business Consulting Services
General Personnel Services

The expertise of W.E.S. Business Consulting Services extends dramatically in the various Personnel areas whether requiring the establishment of new services or improvement on existing services in Unionized and Non-Unionized environments and include:

  • Salaried & Hourly Personnel Administration
  • Overall Personnel Systems
    Acquisition and Disposition, including extensive documentation with employee specific docket system.
  • Appraisal and Incentive Systems
    To monitor employee performance.
  • Analysis & Activity-Based Performance Improvements
    In WCB, S & A, Attendance (long term and casual), including support systems for workplace safety and health improvements and Human Factors Engineering (Ergonomics).

W.E.S. Business Consulting Services has helped numerous management organizations achieve a superior level of control and focus while supporting the overall objective of the organization. The key strategy of W.E.S. Business Consulting Services is to analyze, make specific determinations and then implement superior and sustained SYSTEMS improvements designed to enhance the morale of employees while providing a modicum of control for the management group. Compliance with provincial and federal legislation is key to the success of every organization when introduced and maintained in a sensible and thoughtful manner.