Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault


Driven primarily from the founders' extensive corporate and private experience, the company has a proven track record of success dealing with difficult issues which plague management.

Our strengths are our professional approach and years of experience conducting business. Our established networking allows us to provide you with better, faster, accurate solutions and to avoid costly mistakes in business decisions.

WES Consulting Inc is a professional consulting firm specializing in Business and Labour Relations. We provide small to medium-sized corporations with business solutions for their growth plans. The company possesses vast knowledge and experience in a variety of specialized services.

With the publication of the book "Falsely Accused of Sexual assault - A (former) General Motor's Executive's Battle for Justice" by Wayne E. Strong, a new and valuable service is now available to - Human Resource staff - Business Owners - Corporate Executives - Union Representatives - Lawyers - Paralegals - Men's Support Groups - Women's Support Groups - Persons Falsely Accused & Their Family and Friends - Media Reporters.

In the area of Accusations of Sexual Assault, WES Consulting Inc can provide:

  • In-house Training programs for management and worker groups designed to reduce exposure to legal and moral matters pertaining to an accusation of sexual assault or harassment.
  • Assist organizations to develop an effective policy (including a procedure) to effectively manage an accusation of sexual assault or harassment.
  • On-site counsel and coordination for individuals, corporations and organizations to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all parties in the event of an accusation.
  • Conference or "support" group discussion / presentation regarding the devastation of a false accusation on the individual and their family as well as the impact on the organization. Utilizing the Book, "Falsely Accused of Sexual assault - A (former) General Motor's Executive's Battle for Justice" by Wayne E. Strong.
  • Keynote speeches to Senior Management Groups, Boards of Directors and other "vulnerable, high profile" groups regarding intimate details of the impact of a false accusation on them, their family/friends. NB: This Presentation/Speech is a terrifying expose of corporate and judicial systems, yet is an encouraging journey involving Mr. Strong, a senior executive's first-hand experience fighting a false accusation and ...surviving.

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To order a copy of the book, 'Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault' by Wayne E. Strong, please call (519) 252-5224 or email consult@wescanada.com.

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